Men want healthy skin too! And Mary Kay offers great skin care for their specific needs. From age-defying skin care products for his face and eye area to skin-loving shaving products, MKMen Skin Care helps keep his skin smoothed, soothed and protected.

Daily Facial Wash

MKMen Daily Facial Wash is tough on dirt and oil while being gentle on skin. Pores feel deep-down clean, and it won't leaveskin feeling stripped.
With its just-right lather, this liquid formula visibly reduces excess oil and helps prep skin for shaving.You're left with skin that feels refreshed, smooth and energized. Healthy-looking skin starts with thoroughly clean skin. So defend your skin against dirt with MKMen Daily Facial Wash. After all, every woman loves a grime-fighting man.

Daily Face Wash Fact Sheet

Shave Foam

There's nothing like the feel of soft, cleanly shaven skin. But it's not always easy to achieve. Shaving can lead to dry, irritable skin. Fortunately, MKMen Shave Foam has every man covered.

This enriched formula surrounds and clings to each whisker, creating a comfort zone between
the razor and your skin for a clean, close shave. The rich cream softens the beard and protects against razor burn. It has a light, fresh scent, plus, it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Shave Foam Fact Sheet

Advanced Facial Hydrator

In an independent consumer study* men overwhelmingly agreed that after three weeks MKMen Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30** improved their skin's moisture and texture as well as the visible signs of aging. 

After only one week, they said that it:

  • Helps energize dull skin
  • Helps combat the look of fatigue
  • Helps promote a clear and bright complexion
  • Leaves skin feeling firm
  • Helps control oil

*Results reported during a three week independent consumer study.

**Over-the-counter drug product

Advanced Facial Hydrator Fact Sheet

Advanced Eye Cream

To confirm just how effective MKMen Advanced Eye Cream really is, we asked men to try it out in an independent consumer study*. Not only did they say it soothes, brightens and instantly smoothes skin around the eyes. 

Here's what else they said:

  • It reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

  • Tired eyes look revived

  • It revitalizes dull and fatigued skin

  • Skin around the eyes feels refueled

  • Skin feels moisturized all day

  • It restores the look of younger skin

*Results reported during a three-week independent consumer study.

Advanced Eye Cream Fact Sheet
Easy 4 Steps Men's Skin Care Routine

MKMen Cooling After Shave Gel

An aftershave should be considered the finishing step of shaving to combat the localized dryness and dull-looking skin that can come after shaving. The welcome relief of MKMen Cooling After-Shave Gel helps calm razor burn, leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized. This blue gel contains ingredients that soothe, cool and refresh the skin.

TIP: This would be the product you use after the shave foam!

MKMen Shave Foam and Cooling After-Shave Gel
Cooling After Shave Gel Fact Sheet