Thursday - Feb. 1st

with Senior National Sales Director Emeritus Stacy James

Listen as SNSDE Stacy James kicks off our 29 Days of Love~ Pass It On series!
Mary Kay Ash's story and mission!

29 Days of Love Kick Off _ ICNSDE Stacy James.mp4

Friday - Feb. 2nd

with Independent Sales Director Auldon Sweeney-Wydo

Click the video below to watch Pink Cadillac Sales Director Auldon Sweeney-Wydo share about Setting up Practice Interviews!

Setting up Practice Interviews with Auldon Sweeney-Wydo.mp4

Saturday -Feb. 3rd

with Independent Million $ Sales Director Tiqkia Barrow Dye

Watch the video below as Tiqkia Barrow Dye discusses Leaps…Hops… and an Interview Outline!

🐰 🐸 💗

Take the LEAP IN 2024 with Tiqkia Barrow Dye.mp4

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