Sunday - Feb. 4th

with Independent Pink Cadillac Sales Director Monique McIntyre

Monique shares her message of Gratitude. She also discusses 3 Kinds of Women & the most important closing question!

Gratitude 3 Kinds of Women and the most important closing question with Monique McIntyre.mp4

Monday - Feb. 5th

with Independent Million $ Future Executive Senior Sales Director Heather Daniel-Kent

Click below to listen to Heather as she shares how Layering is key! She also shares her ah-mazing layering sheet with you! Click the button below!

Heather Daniel Kent - Layering is Key.mp4
More details on the Power of Layering with HDK

Tuesday - Feb. 6th

with Independent Senior Sales Director Bridget Penberthy

Listen to this fabulous message by ISSD Bridget Penberthy: What's A Power Sharing Day & Why Do One!

Whats A Power Sharing Day and Why Do One with Bridget Penberthy.mp4

Wednesday - Feb. 7th

with National Sales Director Jill Davis

Listen to the message by NSD Jill Davis on the What Women Want Survey! Click the link below for her printable survey!

National Sales Director Jill Davis - What Women Want Survey.mp4
What Women Want Survey

Thursday - Feb. 8th

with National Sales Director LaRonda Daigle

Click below to watch this video from NSD LaRonda Daigle as she shares about Creating your I-Story!

Creating YOUR I Story by NSD LaRonda Daigle.mp4

Friday - Feb. 9th

with Independent Senior Sales Director Rachel Hall

Check out this video from ISSD Rachel Hall as she shares the importance of not prejudging!

Dont Prejudge with Rachel Hall.mp4

Saturday - Feb. 10th

with National Sales Director Lisa Allison

Intro to Overcoming Objections with NSD Lisa Allison!

Crazy Team Building - Intro to Overcoming Objections.mp4

Listen as Lisa shares how to overcome the objections:

"I'm too busy and I can't afford it."

Overcoming Im Too Busy and I Cant Afford It.mp4

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