Updated August 2022

New Consultant Masterclass:
Beauty Sessions 101

Let's get this party started-literally! This training is all about the skincare spa session! There are TWO different types of BEAUTY sessions!
In person & virtual.

Follow the steps and use the tools that are provided to build your confidence and skills with teaching your pampering sessions! Check back frequently because this link will UPDATE when there are changes to documents or videos!

Print Out Your Pampering Session Tools

CLICK HERE for the Virtual Beauty Sesh Guide/Script
this is for ZOOM pampering sessions

CLICK HERE for the Power Start Tracking

What papers do I need to put with my pampering Sessions?

CLICK HERE  for the Beauty Sesh Set sheet to mail with your samples or use in person

Where do I access the before and after to share my screen or hold up during the appointment?
YOU DO NOT have to share your screen- you can just hold it up!

CLICK HERE to access the "Before & Afters" slide show

Or you can download/print the Before & Afters to hold up if you don't want to use the SCREEN SHARE from above

Hostess Program flier below

Watch Intro to the Beauty Sesh
Party Intro.mp4
Watch video on the Miracle in the Middle
Miracle in the Middle.mp4
Watch video on the Table Close
Table Close.mp4

Watch video on the Individual Close
Coaching Debuts

The individual close/consultation is KEY. This MUST be done within 24 hours of the session for maximum results. 

Questions you will ask:
1) Did you have fun?
2) How does your face feel?
3) Do you have any questions about your skin?

Here's everything we talked about and tried tonight, (hold up the set sheet) 
What would you like me to send out for you? 
Get her card number and give her a total.
Also get her email so she can track the shipment and birthday for birthday specials. 

**Say each item like this..
YOUR miracle set will last your 6 months...
YOUR best seller bundle....

Add it all up and say:
If you got everything on your love list, it would be $ and you would get the ___ for free/half off (whatever deal she earns). What are you thinking?

When she says I love want __ then say cool, what else? Until she is done. 

BOOK HER for the next event(s)
Turn her into a hostess
Book her Q&A to help you with your leadership training. 

Watch the Live Beauty Sesh Video
Virtual Beauty Sesh Example
If you are doing a Beauty Sesh In Person Watch
In Person Party.mp4
Complete your Check List to Finish the Pampering Session Bootcamp Checklist

Believing in you!!!