Congratulations %FIRST_NAME%!

I'm Cyndi Coakley, your Sales Director, mentor and coach - I'm thrilled to be one of the first to welcome you to our team and Mary Kay family!!! You made a brave and courageous decision to say “YES” to something new! 

I've been on this Mary Kay journey for over 20 years and as your business coach and mentor, I want to encourage you to ENJOY the JOURNEY. Women begin this journey for so many different reasons - I'm excited to get to know YOUR reason!

We will walk through your first steps together – one by one. You'll receive some texts from my office along the way, too. Your team builder and I are here to guide you each step of the way!

At any time - just ask yourself “what's my next best step?”  Below are some of your first steps to get connected… any questions - reach out to connect! 

Believin' in YOU, Cyndi

Getting Started


1. Connect with me!

  • Program my numbers as follows:
    • Cyndi Coakley Office: 717.447.8881 (this number for both me & my office assistant)
    • Cyndi Coakley Pers Cell: 717.821.3666
  • Download the free app walkie-talkie app Voxer & message me at ccoakl572

  • Friend request me on Facebook, Cyndi Blecker Coakley:

  • Follow me on Instagram @CyndiC12

  • Join our Team Facebook Group at:

2. Watch my welcome video

New Cons Welcome

3. Text me to set-up your Welcome Call/Dream Session within 24-48 hours

4. Prepare for your welcome/dream call by jotting down answers to these questions: - GRAB a simple Spiral Notebook for all your notes, contact list, etc. I run my business with a planner, spiral notebook and a focus folder for eac month. 

  • What was the #1 reason you said Yes to Mary Kay?

  • What are some of your goals or dreams you may have for your MK business?  For your life/Future? 

  • About how much in profit per month would you like to have? What will it go toward? What dream will it fund?

  • About how many hours per week/month would you like to dedicate to your business?

5. Login to and download the Mary Kay Great Start app

  • Login using your consultant number (emailed from Mary Kay) and then set-up a password "New to InTouch." *save your consultant number, you will need this often.

  • Use your consultant number and password to login to the Great Start app. Watch the video below

CHECKLIST Summary of Step #1

  1. ___ Connect with Cyndi/TeamBuilder on Social and text the above #'s 

  2. ___ Watch Welcome Video

  3. ___ Set Up Welcome/Dream Call

  4. ___ Prep for Welcome/Dream call… Dream a little

  5. ___ Log into MKIT and download the Great Start App

Tools for Your Success

As a new consultant, you can begin making a contact list right away. Start with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and then draw a little heart next to the names you would love be your first hostesses or to maybe share this opportunity with.  

Most new consultants find a running buddy to begin the journey!  There is probably sometime in yoru FRIENDS and FAMILY praying for something that Mary Kay could offer them. 

Ideas of who to include on Contact List
Look Book

As a new business owner, I encourage you to keep a close eye on your email, voicemail and voxer.

I strongly recommend that you connect for a team event as soon as possible. Monday's at 7:30pm on ZOOM or our Team Facebook group. 

We are in business for ourselves, but never by ourselves.
There is something special that happens when you surround yourself with positive women who want the best for you, have been where you are, and care about your success - including me!

I'm only a call, text, vox, or email away :)

Abundant Belief Always,