Have you heard of Mascara Club?! 

This is a great opportunity to INCREASED income and sales in July and January with your clients and even friends, family and co-workers who aren't yet clients.

I promote to my clients twice a year! 
July and January are a GREAT time to do Open Enrollment for this program!

This is a simple program for your customers to participate,
keeps their mascara fresh
and a reason to touch base with them every 3 months! 
Building Customer Loyalty!

Plus it leads to sales of other products,
some they may have never tried before (from follow up on samplers)
- which increases our profits.

It's a FUN Perk to offer to our clients as a VIP client.

LISTEN to my VOX for TIPS and TOOLS:

Listen to my Vox https://www.voxer.com/v/b102012ea7

As you read thru the EMAIL below, you can see how I mark it, the information I share!

I email to my clients, 
post in my VIP,
I feature Mascara's and Eye Makeup remover
for about a week thru my VIP, 
plus I TEXT each client to see if they would like to join the program! 

Multiple layers of communitcation are KEY to increasing enrollments

Suggested 5 day outline for your VIP group:
Day 1: Ask the Question - Pic of you holding a mascara? 
How often do dermatologists recommend replacing your mascara?

Day 2: Answer the questions from Above (everyt 3 months... read the article below and share a few tips) do a short video to highlight or post a pic share the facts.  You can also post the article

Fun fact: You should change your mascara every 3 months? Seriously! Check out this article: www.self.com/story/mascara-eye-infections/amp )

Day 3 - Do a quick video - one eye already wearing mascara and one not - maybe Apply your mascara, share your favorite formula and why you love it. (Testimonies mean a LOT) 

Day 4 - Remind them of enrollment deal that was already emailed to them, use the graphic below

Day 5 - highlight the Eye makeup remover
You can also share all of these ideas on your Instagram or Facebook Stories

Below is the EXAMPLE first email
annoucing my mascara club that I send out:

Do you wear mascara everyday? 

Enrolling in the Mascara Club,
saves you money and keeps your mascara FRESH all year long!

Buy 3, 4th is FREE in the Mascara CLUB - 

just $48 for a year's supply of MASCARA! ($16 savings)

(Lash Intensity is $54 - $18 savings)

Auto shipped to you (for FREE) Every 3 months 

You can even make it a CLUB BUNDLE

GRAB My FAV BUNDLE for GREAT LASHES: (Total SAVINGS is $54 for all 3 items!)

Lash Intensity 

Lash Love Waterproof 

Oil Free Eye makeup Remover

(All 3 items shipped every 3 months)



You can also choose additonal ADD ON items 

Pick any mascara or more than one, plus add your available ADD-On's:

Add Oil Free Eye makeup remover -  to gently remove mascara (including waterproof!) without tugging, eye makeup and cleanse the eye area 

$54 (buy 3, 4th is Free)

Add your Favorite Eye liner $36 (buy 3, 4th is Free)

Check out my website

ENROLLMENT CLOSES on June 30 at midnight!

2 Ways to Enroll!

JUST REPLY to this message and I'll get you enrolled and send a paylink!

  Or you can can order ONLINE - Choose your options (include Just 1 of EACH and any add on's and I'll adjust it for the Annual total and savings! Just be sure to register on my website and complete the transaction thru that registration.


 Join other smart clients today... auto shipped every 3 months to stay FRESH and Healthy  - see article below!

 Fun fact: You should change your mascara every 3 months? Seriously! Check out this article: www.self.com/story/mascara-eye-infections/amp )

You Can Do It!


Cyndi Coakley,

www.marykay.com/ccoakley   (717) 821-3666  

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