New Consultant Masterclass
Topic - 5: Team Building

Team Building.mp4

Step 1: Ask and BOOK HER!

Here's a script you could use to book Q&A's

Hi friend! So super exciting news! I'm moving into leadership with Mary Kay. I'm really excited and a little nervous! For part of my training I need to practice how to answer ?s about MK. I'm sure it's nothing you would ever consider but would you be willing to do a video chat to help me practice? 🙏🏼 Plus you get a free gift as a thank you! 😉

Step 2-When they say yes, reply:
Great! Thanks so much for helping me! It's going to be super informal and fun, and you will love my friend Stephanie!! What's better for you to chat quickly for the Q&A tomorrow or the next day?"

YOU use this following link to Book with Monique's Schedule
(dont send it to her)
If you don't see times that work for you just lmk 💕

SAY: Perfect. What is better for you _____ time or _______ time?"

SEND HER survey & video

through text:

Thank you!!! Here is a video to watch and form to fill out before then. It will save us time and give you something to ask questions off of. 😊💕

Coach the appointment like you would a pampering session

Check in with her the morning of to make sure she watched the video and filled out the form :) Confirm the time with her and remind her 10 minutes before!

Believing in you!!!