Congratulations %FIRST_NAME%!!! You on your way!! Keep trusting the process and the path others before you have laid out for you, and it can take you to levels you never imagined!

As I mentioned before with a number of the first steps after you do them once, you won't have to do them again! However you can always refer back to these checklists for any information as you need it.

On Our Way!


1. Continue to CONNECT! Request to join these Facebook groups:

  • My Mary Kay

    • a group by Mary Kay Corporate with videos, encouragement, and sneak peeks. This is for consultants ONLY

  • Our TEAM CLIENT GROUP - Taking A Beauty Break (TABB)

    • It's our team FACEBOOK community for CLIENTS! So clients of ALL Coakley's Cadillac Cruiser's team members can join - we do weekly Live tutorials or party formats.

      • Another great layer for your clients - you can also copy/paste this info into your private customer group. Or use this group if you don't have a personal VIP group! 

2. Earn your Pearls of Sharing by doing training calls with me about the company facts and OUR BRAND Marketing Survey
  • Send me a list of ladies that you starred on your 100 Faces List. We will work together and strategize what is the next best step for each friend. 

  • Plus, we'll ask for help with this training at your launch party!  They watch a short 6 min video and then come to the conversation with 3 questions they would want to ask about your business opportunity. 

  • New Consultants tell me they LEARN so much more about the opportunities in this company through these conversations.  Plus, we'll book next appointments and also have the opportunity to find your first RUNNING BUDDY.  Because it is ALWAYS more fun with a friend!


  • Grow FB VIP group to 30 members
  • Reach their $600 Great Start Bonus Bundle
  • Grow your FIRST 10 clients (next step will be 10 Skin Care clients)
  • Add new Team members  - BRING a FRIEND along…always more fun with a friend!

4. Feel Free to Study up with
InTouch Resources

  • Education> New Consultants Start Here - a startup guide for new consultants

  • Education> MKUniversity - a step-by-step how to on full circle book, sell, share

  • Education> Skin Care Confident, Color Confident, Clinical Solutions Confident - how to's and informational courses with completion badges for your business cards 

  • PLUS various SOCIAL MEDIA tools, under Digital Zone and the AMPLIFY app to use for social media posting!

Tools for Your Success

As a reminder, you'll want to continue working on your contact list! Start with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and then draw a little heart next to the names you would love be your first hostesses or to maybe share this opportunity with.

The following tools will help you create your list, book your first appointments, and get your first sales.

Look Book

CHECKLIST Summary of Step #4

1. ___ Connect! Request to join Facebook Groups "My Mary Kay" and "TABB"

2. ___ Earn your Pearls of Sharing

3. ___ Continue working on your First Steps of Growth

4. ___ Study the resources on InTouch

Whew!! You are doing GREAT!!! Thank you for making the time to go through these steps with your recruiter and I! Trusting and following the simple process is an important part of this business.

"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthurastically act on, you will have!"
Mary Kay Ash

We are in this together. I am here to support and guide you towards your goals for you and your family. So excited to see where your Mary Kay journey takes you!!!

Abundant Belief Always,