New Consultant Masterclass
Topic 2-Booking

Updated August 2022

The Powerful Start

When I was a brand new consultant I didn't know anyone, didn't wear makeup, and didn't have a lot of time. I will never forget what my Sales Director told me. She said, "Just focus on a Powerful Start. A Powerful Solutions will take you anywhere that you want to go in Mary Kay. When you are unsure of what to do, ALWAYS focus on the Powerful Start"

Your powerful start is done by doing your full circle 30 faces and has been my secret to success all these years. everything that you want is on the other side of a Powerful Start
 Ready to learn more? Let's go!

Watch Video on Time Management
Time Management.mp4
Print These Tools

Here are the tools you need for time management and booking!

- Weekly Plan Sheet
- Booking Tracking Form
- Bubble Sheet
- Suggested Scripts
- IPA Tracking form (give yourself credit for booking)

Watch this Hostess Plan Video
Watch Spa Packets 101

Make sure to check with the post office to see how much the postage is for whenever you are watching this.
Here is the rule of thumb for a nonmachineable stamp + extra ounce stamp: (butterfly & bunny/top hat)
Packet needs to be 2 ounces or less
(if your packet is 2.1 you need to add an additional ounce stamp)

Envelopes that you can use:

Clear Bags that is use to make them ahead of time:

Click HERE to print out the customer profile sheet to include in the spa packet :)

Use you can to make any labels or stickers you want to jazz up your packets- for free :)

Save & Use These Coaching Texts

Once you have booked the appointment, you need to coach the hostess on how to invite people! Make it simple for her!

Text #1 to send your hostess:

Here's the text you can send your friends: 

Hey friend! I'm super excited! I was gifted with a virtual spa experience from Mary Kay, for myself and 6 of my friends. You know how much I love you so you are one of the friends that I picked. Are you free on (date) at (time) for a virtual session? If so, can you text my beauty consultant (name @ number) with your rsvp so she can ask you a few questions to customize your beauty experience with things that you'll love!

When people start responding:
Yay! I am so excited to meet you! Is your skin more normal/dry or combintation/oily? Also, there may not be, but if there is anything that you could change or improve in your skin, what would it be? ( I work my forehead lines & dark circles under my eyes) 

If you don't get the guest information in 24 hours, make sure to follow up with HER and say:
Thank you again SOO much for inviting your loved ones! It helps me so much. Did you have a chance to invite them? I just need their skin type (normal/dry or combination/oily, her # & address)

Text #2 to send to your hostess:
(if you are having her get you the info)

And when they say yes you send them this:
Yay! I am glad you can come.  She is mailing them today & tomorrow so we have them in time. In order for INSERT YOUR NAME HERE to customize it for you, I need your address, phone number, and is your skin normal to dry or combination to oily?

Check here to Complete the Checklist

Believing in you!!!