MK has done the work and is always improving their science by building on their long-standing legacy of innovation and their portfolio of over 1,400 patents! As part of their efforts as skincare leaders in the beauty industry, they have conducted 5 years of research on their Miracle Set 3D, where 5,000 women were tested, 150 formula ingredients were evaluated and more than 200 clinical and safety inspections were performed.

Did you know Mary Kay's Timewise Miracle Set 3D Earned the Good Housekeeping Award? Watch the video below!

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4-in-1 Cleanser

This multitasking cleanser removes complexion-dulling impurities and leaves skin feeling clean, exfoliated and looking brighter.

Additional Benefits

  • Includes our patent-pending Age Minimize 3D Complex
  • Cleanses away makeup without stripping skin of natural moisture
  • Gentle enough for twice-daily use and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable
4-in-1 Cleanser Fact Sheet

Day Cream SPF 30

This is an option for women who may be sensitive to SPF products. It provides many of the same benefits of TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen but without the sunscreen.

Additional Benefits

  • Includes our patent-pending Age Minimize 3DComplex
  • Helps improve skin's visible resilience
  • Brightens skin as it helps even the look of skin tone
  • Helps skin appear more youthful and leaves it feeling soft and smooth
Day Cream Fact Sheet

Night Cream

Delivers a bedtime boost of antioxidants when applied at night, working while skin is most able to rebuild its reserves.

Additional Benefits

  • Includes our patent-pending Age Minimize 3DComplex
  • Helps soften the look of expression lines
  • Helps skin look firmer and more youthful
  • Skin feels soft and smooth and looks brighter

Use with the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for 24 hours of moisturization.

Night Cream Fact Sheet

Eye Cream

Skin looks firmer as this quick-absorbing cream brightens the eye area and keeps it moisturized for 12 hours.

Additional Benefits

  • Includes our patent-pending Age Minimize 3D Complex
  • Skin feels intensely moisturized
  • Smooths skin and improves its texture
  • Requires minimal wait time to apply makeup
Use twice a day for 24 hours of moisturization.
Eye Cream Fact Sheet
TW3D Commercial

Timewise Replenishing Serum C + E

Every day your skin is attacked by oxidative stress. Fight back with this antioxidant megaboost: a powerful vitamin C and vitamin E facial serum. These skin care ingredients are effective alone, but together they're extraordinary. The highly potent antioxidant, vitamin E, teams up with pure vitamin C in an age-defying duo that's better together. Two additional sources of vitamin C deliver even more potency. Add this benefit-packed serum to your daily routine to see skin that's brighter, firmer and glowing with good health.

Serum C + E Fact Sheet
Replenishing Serum C+E

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