Congratulations %FIRST_NAME% you have completed Step 2!! We are moving right along the Simple Steps to Success! Now is Step 3!

This is all about getting ready for your launch party and setting up your online business! If you have any questions as you go along please do not hesitate to reach out! My door is always open.

Remember, don't put any pressure on yourself! Your recruiter and I are with you every step of the way!

Moving Along!


1.  Follow the steps in this document to create your own private Facebook customer group and begin inviting - Click here for the STEPS.  Following these steps will outline your way to success!

  • Listen to the VIDEO below about the party
Launch Party 1st steps

2. Set-up ProPay so you can charge cards

The video can also be found by going to InTouch> Video Lounge> Search "ProPay" Or on the Great Start App

3. Steps to Set-up your website through InTouch

  • View this video for step on setting up your website Video also available on MKIT or Great Start App

    • You can offer a Gift with Purchase (choose $1 item to start), samples based on what you have available. 

    • You can charge your clients for shipping or I offer Free Shipping with a $5 purchase.

    • TURN OFF - EZ-Ship and Guest Checkout initially.   

      • You can turn GUEST CHECKOUT on after your launch party… but be aware sometimes scammers may use those features. If any ANYTIME you have questions about an order, or a contact via text, email or through your website, please reach out to your team builder or myself. 

  • Set up here: InTouch> Business Tools> Personal Website Manager

4. Mark your calendar for each our Team events - 

Monday Night Cadillac Connection Huddle - 7:30pm (for our TEAM), plus our monthly team/guest events! 

  • Mon - It's our weekly success event for recognition, announcements, girlfriend time, powerful training. Check the Cadillac Cruisers Facebook Group for link and announcements.

  • Additional -  about 4 VIRTUAL events for our team's guests!  These are held on Taking a BEAUTY BREAK (TABB) and/or Zoom

Tools for Your Success

As a reminder, you'll want to continue working on your contact list! Start with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and then draw a little heart next to the names you would love be your first hostesses or to maybe share this opportunity with.

The following tools will help you create your list, book your first appointments, and get your first sales.

Look Book

CHECKLIST Summary of Step #3

1. ___ Create your own Private Facebook Customer Group

2. ___ Set up ProPay so you can accept credit card payments

3. ___ Set up your Personal Mary Kay Shopping Website

4. ___ Mark your calendar with our weekly and month team events!

You are doing GREAT!!! Thank you for making the time to do these simple steps to set yourself up for the greatest success you desire!

If you have any questions don't hestiate to reach out to myself or your recruiter! Even if it's multiple times a day, I am here for you as much or as little as you choose.

Abundant Belief Always,