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Hello Beautiful! Are you ready for a GAME CHANGER in your business?

"Special Deals" was one of my keys to success of being Queen of Sales this past year!
If you haven't implemented this…don't delay!!! This promotion has changed the complexion on my business, as well as for many other Mary Kay consultants & directors across the nation. Reorders are higher because they are falling in love with the new product they originally paid for 1/2 price and now ordering it again -- paying FULL price!

A quick example, my amazing customer Carrie last October was purchasing $100 of product. I could have stopped there and just had $50 profit/$50 wholesale. However, I let Carrie  know she qualified for 2 1/2 price deals. She picked the Oil Free Hydrating Gel & Foaming Cleanser. Besides making $50 profit and having $50 wholesale - I just increased my wholesale towards STAR & CAR by $30 wholesale. I still made $50 profit and my customer tried 2 new products. Well Carrie has fallen in love with the Oil Free Hydrating Gel and has ordered it 4xs more (paying full price) and just got 2 more with her hostess credit last month.  I made an extra $64 this year off this one product for her because I introduced a new product.

 Using Special Deals is a great way to provide exceptional customer service. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps towards Sect 1 Retail, Princess/Queen's Courts/Diamonds as well as Unit Clubs, your Pink Power Jewelry and Star .
Note: I love deluxe mini's - however it is Section 2. There's no Queen of Section 2.   There's only Queen of Sect 1 in Sales.

Check out the video above about the HOW & WHY of the Special Deals!

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February will be posted in this link by February 2nd. I will not post before the 1st as I always wait to see what the company is doing for the new month.

Scroll down in this link for an English, Spanish and Canadian version of this Month's Special Deals.

Mary Kay Ash taught us to 💋 KISS 💋 Keep It Simple Sweetie.
You may use my Special Deals images as is. I pray that what I have created blesses your business as it has mine. 👑The Special Deals is one of my top keys to success, especially this last year and being the Queen of Personal Sales for Sapphire this past seminar year.

I ask that you don't edit/alter my fliers as I have spent countless hours in creating them each month.

I saw that someone edited my flier and the way it was edited it was an insult to me. 😳😢 The flier was no longer professional looking. I spend extra time to make sure the flier will have products on it that are not just available for my customers, but the MK world in USA (both English & Spanish) as well as Canadian. Please let me save you time and just use as is. I am very strategic in what items are the deals each month to help everyone build their Mary Kay business. 💕

January Special Deals PDF ENGLISH

Up-selling Scripts

(This is just like McDonald's asking, "Would you like fries with that?" or
Panera asking, "Would you like to add a 99 cent pastry?")

(If they order $50+, I send this text with the image of the special deals.)
Ok fabulous! You qualify for one of our 1/2 price Special Deals. What would you like as your 1/2 price special deal?

(If they order less than $50, I send this text with the image of the special deals.)
Ok fabulous! Thank you! Do you need a new brush to go with the powder you are ordering? Cleanser, mascara, remover? You are 30 away from qualifying for our 1/2 price deals.

(If they order $100+, I send this text with the image of the special deals.)
Ok fabulous! You qualify for 2 of our 1/2 price Special Deals. What would you like as your 2 1/2 price special deals?

Other Tips

 You can offer this too on top of any other specials you are offering like birthday, $1000 day, or party deals you are using. It is not costing you anything (and she's most likely trying a new product off the 1/2 price special deal) and it can be shared as "an extra token of my appreciation - you can take advantage of the Special Deals + whatever the other deal you have.

I recommend you stock up on the any flash sale items as I may 😉 feature them on an upcoming deal! This will give you an opportunity to not only move those items, but also make extra $$.

January's Special Deals Email

How do I send email of the Special Deals?
1) Use the generic link above to text or post on your fb groups.

2) Create your own email  💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
3) If you are a client of Angela Raven of Creativity Pink - she has it in the shared email folder.

SPANISH Special Deals! 

January Special Deals PDF SPANISH

Libreto para aumentar tu venta

(Esto es como en McDonald's que preguntan, "¿Te gustaría añadir pepitas o postre por 99 centavos?")

(Si ordenan $50+, le envío este texto con la foto de los especiales.) ¡Ok súper! Cualificas para un producto de la promoción a 1/2 de precio de este mes. ¿Qué te gustaría llevarte a mitad de precio?

(Si ordenan menos de $50, le envío este texto con la imagen de los especiales.) ¡Ok súper! ¡Gracias! ¿Necesitas la brocha que va con el polvo que ordenaste? ¿Limpiadora, remover de maquillaje  mascara? Estás a solo 30 de cualificar para uno de nuestro especial a 1/2 de precio.

(Si ordenan $100+, le envío texto con la imagen de los especiales.) ¡Ok súper! Cualificas para 2 productos de la promoción a 1/2 de precio de este mes. ¿Qué te gustaría llevarte a mitad de precio?

Monica's Special Deals for Canadians
Monica Goubeaux - Queen - Seminar 2021

Previous Months' Special Deals

Check back here the 2nd of Month for the New One.

Bee-lieving in you! 


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