Welcome back to The Fran Beat! This month we loaded up this newsletter for you with some clarity on the difference between semi-passive and passive investments - as well as several INCREDIBLE opportunities.

Four to be exact.  Each across a variety of industries including Pet, Automotive, Healthcare, and Food.

This month we are profiling:

  • Scenthound (Semi-passive options)

  • Grease Monkey (Semi-passive options)

  • QC Kinetix (Passive Options)

  • Teriyaki Madness (Passive Options)

Each of these Franchises are hot and growing, and they all offer unique investment options for you; Owner Operated, Semi-passive, or a completely Passive Investment.

What's the difference?  Glad you asked.

Owner Operated is as it sounds. You are the owner, and you will operate the business on a full-time basis - managing all the day-to-day operations.

Semi-passive provides you the option of working on the business as little as 12-15 hours a week. You hire a General Manager to handle the overall operations allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Passive opportunities are basically an investment. The franchisor will pull together the team that will run the entire operation for you. This allows you, as the investor, to maintain your current occupation.  The team reports directly to you. You call all the shots!

Ok, let's jump in.

Franchise opportunity #1

Snuggle up to a clean pup!

The pet market is huge... $99 billion huge -- with no immediate signs of slowing down soon. How many of you welcomed a new puppy during the last year?  #guilty 

Enter scenthound,

Scenthound is not just another grooming business. Far from it. Most β€œtraditional groomers” focus on baths and haircuts. This is fine except for the fact that...

90% of the most popular dog breeds don't require regular haircuts!

Scenthound stands out because they provide care for the five core areas of your pup:

  • Skin
  • Coat
  • Ears
  • Nails 
  • Teeth

In case you missed it, that spells out SCENT.  Clever, right?!?

The secret to their success is focusing on regular (monthly) essential care to stay healthy and happy.  And here is the best part - Scenthound provides a unique monthly membership model. 

This is a breakthrough approach because it puts dog parents on a regular schedule to visit Scenthound. What does that mean to you, as the owner?  Simple.  Recurring Revenue!

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you know we are huge fans of businesses that provide recurring revenue. Scenthound fits that category. 

Why consider Scenthound? 

Scenthound allows semi-passive options at the onset. You can hire a General Manager (GM) immediately to run the business on your behalf.  As long as you account for the extra investment to pay the GM, you'll be able to keep your full-time gig while the business grows.   

And even more reasons... 

🐢  This is a fragmented marketplace with virtually no competition and the only pet franchise we know of with a successful membership model in place. 

🐢   Scenthound is a relatively new franchise -- it started in 2015 and began franchising in 2019. This means now is the time to get in while the business is experiencing explosive growth and territories are still available.

🐢   Recession-Proof & Amazon-Resistant Franchise opportunity that also generates recurring revenue!

🐢  Scenthound was recently named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a β€œ2020 Franchise of the Future.”

🐢   Small footprint. 1000-1200 sq ft is all you need.  Plus, keep in mind that landlords need to fill space right now.  Take advantage of this while you can! 

So given all of this, we have to ask: Are you ready to join the doggie revolution? Earn money, and hang out with cute puppies all day long -- what can be better, right?

Franchise Opportunity #2

What is Grease Monkey?

It's the fastest-growing, quick-lube chain in the U.S. with over 40 years of franchising experience! That's what.

Fact:  America has an estimated 290 million vehicles on the road!  All those vehicles need service.

How does Grease Monkey Standout?

We know what you're thinking - There are a lot of quick lube businesses out there. Right?

The problem is, most aren't quick -- or that convenient.

Here's another little fun fact. Grease Monkey is the ONLY Independently Owned quick lube concept. Meaning, since they are NOT OWNED by any oil company, they can negotiate national vendor contracts at the best possible pricing and not be forced to push a particular brand.

More Reasons To Invest in Grease Monkey:

πŸš—  Just like ScentHound, Grease Monkey allows for Semi-Passive Ownership right from the start!

πŸš—  Grease Monkey is part of the FullSpeed AutomotiveTM family of brands, one of the nation's largest franchisors of automotive service centers.

πŸš—   This brand has been KILLING IT. No seriously. They have racked up a lot awards.

πŸš—  Grease Monkey is proud of Veterans and First Responders.  They offer a significant discount on the franchise fee to qualified military veterans and first responders.

πŸš—   Grease Monkey provides you with the ability to customize your center (number of bays, etc) based on your market and your investment. Additionally, you can add on a car wash (also customizable!) with no extra Franchise Fee incurred! #winning

πŸš—   The best one for last - Lower start-up costs than the competition, higher ratings and repeat customer percentages, and an average EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) that you won't believe.

Franchise Opportunity #3

New options for the relief of pain.

At The Fran Beat, we love all the businesses we write about. But everyone once in a while one comes along that is a hidden gem.

Meet QC Kinetix.

QC Kinetix is in a very unique healthcare space. It promotes itself as β€œconcierge medicine, offering tailored treatment plans for arthritis or injury.” Different, right?

Here's something else that makes this opportunity unique -- until now, this kind of treatment was only available for elite athletes to help them overcome their aches, pains, and injuries. Athletes like Emmitt Smith (who is also an official partner).

Do you remember Emmitt? Three-time NFL Super Bowl Champ and NFL MVP...yeah, that Emmitt Smith. 

That's right...people like you and me...we just didn't have access to this. Now, we do!

Non-surgical treatment.

The treatment QC Kinetix provides is non-surgical to β€œrestore damaged tissue, decrease pain, and increase the quality of life”. In fact, the treatment is meant as a long-term fix -- designed to keep patients OFF OF THE SURGERY TABLE.  Also, helping to avoid addictive pain meds. Both are noble goals.

QC Kinetix provides two Ownership Options:  100% Passive or Semi-Passive.

  1. Passive (or Absentee Ownership) means QC's Corporate Management company will 100% run the business for you. Yes, you read that correctly. Location assistance, recruiting, day-to-day operations - everything.

  2. Semi-passive ownership is also an option. Keep your job, hire a GM, and be involved about 15 hours per week. (which we defined previously).

QC Kinetix at a glance:

πŸ”·  ALL CASH CLINICS. Need we say more?

πŸ”·  Clinics are open ONLY ONE DAY PER WEEK.

πŸ”·  Corporate Call Center in place to field leads and set appointments for the clinic. 

πŸ”·  Limited Competition.

πŸ”·  Pain never stops.  There will always be overworked joints, injuries, etc.

πŸ”·  Small footprint.  Only requires a 2,000 sq. foot space to operate.

πŸ”·  Low number of employees required (5).

πŸ”·  Strong Item 19!

No medical experience...no problem.

One of the biggest objections our clients have when it comes to considering QC Kinetix is they feel they need a medical background. And that's just not the case.

What's more important to make this opportunity a success is the ability to function as a CEO and set the goals and manage the overall direction of the clinic.

The medical stuff...QC Kinetix will provide you with all you need.

Franchise Opportunity #4

Are you ready for the madness?

We are going to close our July newsletter with Teriyaki Madness or TMAD for short. 

It's clear we want to eat healthier, but we also want convenience. And Teriyaki Madness is a business filling our desire for fresh, healthy, quick, and most importantly -- DELICIOUS!

TMAD is on fire!

TMAD began franchising in 2005 and has been quickly growing ever since. Today, they have 100 units open and operating across the U.S. In fact, they just crossed the 100 store mark on April 1st, 2021 in Katy Texas! 

With another 50 units projected to open within the next 12-months! How's that for explosive growth?

We're not the only ones saying this, Teriyaki Madness has been selected by Restaurant Business as the #1 fastest growing chain in the U.S. TMAD is beating big names like Sonic, Popeyes, and Wingstop.

Of particular note, is their performance during the COVID lockdown. 

While many restaurants suffered incredible losses, and so many closed their doors altogether, TMAD GREW. Not by a little...by A LOT. 

They were one of the first in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) space to pivot to curbside and third-party delivery. The results were impressive, to say the least:

πŸ’₯  Revenue increased 48% compared to 2019

πŸ’₯  Same-store sales increase a spectacular 18%

πŸ’₯  They added 30,000 new members to their loyalty program 

πŸ’₯  Business is so strong that 78% of franchisees are pursuing additional locations

πŸ’₯  TMAD had a 44% INCREASE in new stores opened in 2020

πŸ’₯  QSR magazine named TMAD as one of the best restaurants to endure COVID!

If they can drive this kind of business during a lockdown, imagine what they can do as we come out of the pandemic!

The dream team in QSR.

Jodi Boyce. Jodi is the head of marketing for TMAD and her background includes work with Smashburger, Einstein Brothers Bagels, and Quiznos. 

Joe Gordon, the head of the supply chain for the brand. His work includes Portillo's and Noodles and Company. His sole focus is delivering the best stuff at the lowest cost. 

Joe Cohen, VP of Finance and Operations. He has over 30 years of experience in managing the operations for big players as well as emerging players. 

In short, you have the QSR dream team. All that experience and knowledge will be put to use - helping you grow your TMAD empire. 

Flexible Ownership Options

TMAD provides the opportunity to work in an Owner Operated, Semi-Passive capacity or as a pure investment business (aka Passive). 

Again, with a semi-passive role, you have the option to hire a General Manager to run and operate much of the day-to-day work. The amount of time you spend on the business typically averages between 15-20 hours. 

Or there's the passive option. This is completely hands-off, whereby the team at TMAD will get the right people in place to manage and operate the entire business via Restaurant Sherpas.

Restaurant Sherpas is a sister restaurant management company that provides day-to-day management support for the brand's restaurants.  Everything from Real Estate & Site Selection to Recruiting through Day-to-Day Operations.  

Ready to get MAD??  Want to know more?  

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I hope you liked this edition. Let us know your thoughts and questions. 

The TFC Team

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